Microsoft Dynamics Ax

A platform that helps your business grow or not, but still a powerful weapon if you know how to use it


The most beautiful invention since the last century, it grew very fast and is part of everybody’s life. Nowadays enables your business and it is a business by itself.


The oldest job in the world makes the world spin. In the end, it is an exchange. In the past, it was trading 3 ship skins for a bag with potatoes, nowadays it is really complex and the world best brains are busy to define and understand it

Dear reader,

Please enjoy this website. I am going to write about 3 things I am passioned about: Microsoft Dynamics Ax, technology and business. I don’t write from an expert position, it is an exercise and a way for me to learn and share my findings with the world. Because, yeah…. it is my way to make the world a better place 🙂

Please don’t hesitate to write to me, give some feedback, make corrections, ask for questions

I don’t take full credit for it, there were some people that helped me grow, learn, cry (because no pain, no gain), gave me some ideas for the subjects, helped me write or develop, also people that encourage me to start to write a blog. Many thanks to them… now I can receive my Oscar 🙂

By the way, the pictures you see are mine 🙂

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I am Roxana Voicu, I am Romanian and leavening in The Netherlands.

I’m working for 5 years with Microsoft Dynamics Ax, and trying to learn also other things. Ex-student of an Economics Faculty, I have studied Information Systems for Business Administration, in open translation and quoting my professors I am a “struto-camila” (sorry, Romanian expression, please use Google translate :D). Love learning new things and I am always a pain in the ass for people around me including myself. Curious person… too curious – curiosity killed the cat.

But… love technology, and love a lot my work, and being somewhere between business and technical subjects. That’s why I started this blog. And like the idea of building things that can help other people.

Thanks for reading, hope you’ll enjoy,


“Think in solutions, not in problems”